Find Color

    Choosing a wig color requires some knowledge of visual color. The color of the hair can change the overall visual effect. The right wig color makes you look younger, and can highlight your advantages or cover up some disadvantages.

    The key to choosing a hair color is that it must harmoniously match your skin and eye color. Maintaining this balance in your look creates the most favorable look. For example, cool shades of blonde, light brown, or brown would be great for women with pale skin, and cool grey or blue eyes, while golden caramel or maroon and warm shades of light brown and gold would be great for naturally fair, ivory or olive shades dark skin and green or hazel eyes.


You can contact us to choose a color in the following ways:

1. Color card for color model selection

    As pictured, any wig manufacturer has one or more color rings in its product line, which makes it possible to see and understand the wig hair color of that brand's products. If you are interested in color selection, you can contact us and tell us the corresponding color model.

2. Consult our experts

If you need assistance in selecting a wig color, get in touch with us. Please don't hesitate to call, email, or leave a message for us using any of the available contact methods. We will give you a professional reply after seeing it.
Of course, before this you need to know:
1. The same color will have a varied aesthetic impact on various models.
For example, wig hairstyle, wig length, hair texture, etc. Due to the distribution of hair color and light reflection, they have an impact on how people perceive color.
2. The color effect of the wig will vary depending on the settings.
Light is the main factor in changing hair color. Colors will always look different outdoors or indoors in sunny or cloudy weather.