Our Advantages

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More than 100 workers make the wigs by hand to ensure quality.


Factory Area
We have our own factory of over 1000 square meters for making hair products.


International Business Department
We have 35 employees in our international business department.

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Various Colors
Our wigs are available in hundreds of different colors and styles to suit every customer's needs.

What You Can Get with Clementine Dropshipping

  • No Upfront Cost

    You pay nothing to get tons of valuable services from us. This is the easiest and risk-free way to do dropshipping. Why not give it a try?

  • Better Prices

    Crush your current supplier pricing by 3%-30% depending on the specific category, product, and daily order quantity.

  • White Label & Private Label

    Clementine is a believer and an advocator of private label dropshipping, aiming to help our customers grow from a dropshipping startup to a true brand.

  • Flexible Shipping Solution

    We have about 20 different shipping methods from China to the USA, 10 from China to Europe, and the rest of the world, covering all kinds of product attributes and weights.

  • One-on-One Customer Support

    Your personal dedicated support agent assists you in every step, answers your questions, responds to your queries, and solves your problems via Email, Skype, WhatsApp, WeChat, etc.

  • US Warehouses

    Providing super-fast delivery is a practical way to build a reputation among your audience. Nearly 70% of the parcels are sent from China to the US. Shipping from our US warehouses can boost your business.

  • Fully Automated Processing Platform

    Our fully automated dropshipping processing platform integrates seamlessly enabling accurate, efficient, and automatic order processing.

  • Visualization of Order Fulfillment Workflow

    You can’t imagine how powerful and efficient it will be at fulfilling, managing, and following up on your orders until you start using it. You have complete control over every single order.

  • After-Sales Service

    After-sales service is very important for your sustainable growth. As dropshipping is a combination of B2B and B2C business models, we replace broken and lost parcels at our own expense on a case-by-case basis.

Beijing Clementine International Trade Co., Ltd is a wig trade export company integrating production and sales.



Why choose a dropshipping business model for your online hair salon?

With the development of the economy, the increase in the disposable income of ordinary consumers' households has increased the demand for beauty products. Hence, wigs and hair extensions cater to a wide audience.
But wigs come in all lengths, hairstyles, and colors. Wigs and extensions are made from synthetic materials like human hair or lace, and you can't predict which product will sell better. So this leaves you with a lot of uncertainty when it comes to storing wigs and extensions. If you run a traditional online business, you will incur overhead costs and losses if purchased inventory doesn't sell out.

What is direct selling?

Dropshipping is a business model where you can run your store without any inventory. You will only contact us to place an order when a customer places an order. We will ship the products you need directly to your customers from our warehouse in Bjclementine. You don't need to think about warehouse, packaging, shipping, etc.

How does a dropshipping business work?

The general idea of direct selling is:
First, you have an online storefront or sales channel, and then find BJclementine wig suppliers for the products you list.
Then, wait for the user to place an order, and once your store is ready and starts receiving orders, you forward the customer information to the wig supplier.
Finally, the wig supplier will package and fulfill the order on your behalf.

The benefits of direct selling:

1. Easy to use
One of the main reasons so many people get into dropshipping is because it's so easy to get started. If you know what to sell, the only thing you need to do is create a storefront and find a wig supplier. You don't have to worry about stockpiling inventory or investing a lot of money.
2. Low input cost
With us, you don't have to buy thousands of dollars in-stock products and you're less risky to open a dropshipping store. The only major cost you need to worry about is marketing.
3. Risk-free product testing
Dropshipping can make it easier if you plan to test a new product. Just allocate a small portion of your marketing budget to it and see how the product performs.
4. Flexible location
You can do business wherever there is an internet connection.
5. Wide range of products sold
You do not need to purchase products in advance, you can choose any product from our offering. As long as BJclementine is in stock, you can sell it in your store.
If you just want to start a side business to earn extra money in your spare time, if you don't have a lot of time and energy to manage and control your business processes, and if you have the confidence to take it seriously and have a solid strategy, then direct sales is a good fit for you. Contact us to talk about your dropshipping business!